Paul Pierce Tried to Hold it in But Broke Out in Tears Anyway: Last Shot, Tribute Videos

Paul Pierce played for four teams in his career but this basketball star will always be remembered as a member of the Celtics.  Pierce at 39  years old now, played for the Celtics for 15 years, that's practically majority of his career. It is evident that he most probably will end his career wearing a green uniform but the Celtics organization needed to make a business decision that eventually move Pierce to Brooklyn.  Pierce since then have played with different teams every season including a stint with Washington Wizards and now with the Clippers joining his former coach Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce, together with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen had a historic term with the Celtics as they were responsible for the coveted 2008 championship.

Fast forward today in the twilight of Pierce's career and probably the last time he will play professional ball inside the TD Garden, Pierce turned emotional as the Celtics organization showed some love for the long time Celtics.

Watch the momentous occasion below.

Paul Pierce got a standing ovation, tried to be cool about it for awhile but the feeling is just too strong, he broke out in tears anyway. 

Paul Pierce interview

Paul Pierce last shot at TD Garden, Celtics Arena

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