Update: Tough Luck Kevin Durant is out Indefinitely, When Can he Play?

The celebrated acquisition of the Golden State Warriors this season may turn into a flop as the Golden State Warriors recently announced that superstar Kevin Durant has suffered a Grade 2 MCL sprain and tibial bone bruise and is out indefinitely.

The 28 year old Kevin Durant and the former MVP will not be seen in action anytime soon. In fact, we may no longer see him play in any regular season games. Kevin Durant was acquired to boost the line up of the Warriors in preparation for  their impending meeting with the Cavs in the finals and the Warriors organization will not risk anything to derail the main purpose as to why they acquired Durant in the first place.

The Warriors have enough fire power left in the team to sustain their record with Curry and Thompson still on top of their games. They, however, quickly made a move and acquired veteran Matt Barnes for the rest of the season for the void and the minutes that will be left behind by KD.

Take a look at how Kevin Durant got his injury.

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