Must-Watch Match Ups In the NBA First Round

But that's just not possible. If you have to choose, then pick these three matchups.

TOP PICK: OKC Thunder vs Houston Rockets.
Russell Westbrook versus James Harden, in the first round? The basketball gods must be crazy! This series should put a giant punctuation mark on someone's MVP candidacy...or raise even more questions. Either way, expect this series to be about firepower and not much defense. Plus, Westbrook knows he's got to get past Harden if he wants a shot at Durant.

SECOND PICK: Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers
On paper, this shouldn't be an easy out for the Cavs. Paul George may not be Lebron James but he's a top 15, maybe top 10 player in the league. Kyrie Irving may be better than Jeff Teague but again, not by a lot. Kevin Love is where they have a big advantage  (over Thaddeus Young) but the youngster Myles Turner is already much better than Tristan Thompson. Cavs should win but I have a feeling they're gonna bleed in every game.

THIRD PICK: Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks
The Milwaukee Bucks are who I thought the Minnesota Timberwolves were going to be, a young, frothing-at-the-mouth-pack-of-rabid-ballers who will keep on swinging until the final buzzer rang. Also...Giannis Antetokounmpo in a playoff series? I'm salivating already at the thought of him throwing down from the freethrow line at the Bradley Center.

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