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10 Facts You Need to know About Nonito Donaire

1. He came from a family who definitely is inclined with boxing. His father is an amateur boxer who competed in the US in the early 1990’s. His brother Glen Donaire is a professional boxer with a flyweight title and his cousin Richard Donaire who is also a professional boxer.

2. Donaire’s boxing hero is Alexis Argüello , the one who inspired him to learn how to throw left hook powerful punches by watching Arguello’s fights during his early age.

3. Nonito didn’t get a lot of attention from his parents during his younger years. This is the main reason why he entered the boxing world at early at 11 years old even though he didn’t enjoy boxing at first but later on, he eventually got the support of his father and he started to embody the system of boxing.

4. Donaire’s first amateur fight was a success, he has thrown straight punches to his opponent thinking “I'm going to kill him before he kills me”.

5. His wife Rachel Marcial, a Filipino- American a national collegiate and a taekwondo champion is a member of Donaire’s team with his father as his chief security.

6. Donaire suffered from asthma attack during his fight against Moruti Mthalane in the year 2008. However, he got himself and still defended his IBO and IBF flyweight title by technical knockout in the 6th round. His asthma became public acknowledged after a mandatory physical examination after his fight against Mthalane. Though his condition was well-managed, he started to separate from his father’s  hand and looked for another trainer for his father did not acknowledge his medical problem.

7. Donaire was later on trained by the Peñalosa brothers: Gerry, Dodie Boy and Jonathan.

8. In June 2012, Donaire agreed to random, year round blood and urine testing by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA) for he is accused by using performance enhancing drugs from Victor Conte, a former BALCO man.

9. Donaire has 6 major world titles:

IBF flyweight champion (112 lbs)
WBC bantamweight champion (118 lbs)
WBO bantamweight champion
WBO super bantamweight champion (122 lbs) (2×)
IBF super bantamweight champion
WBA (Super) featherweight champion (126 lbs)

10. Donaire has the (Honorary Title) - 2013 Flash Elorde Memorial Champion (122 lbs)



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