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World Series of Fighting Thriving Around the Globe

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA  May 17, 2017 - The World Series of Fighting MMA brand, through WSOF Global continues to thrive all around the world. This past weekend, fans were thrilled to see the first live Russian fights streaming when WSOF Global co-promoted an awesome event with Modern Fighting Pankration at the sold out arena in Khabarovsk, Russia. Fans of WSOF Global will certainly see more great MMA fights and superior talent with 3 more live events scheduled on May 20, 2017 from Argentina, Japan, and Brazil.   A week later, events will also be held in Australia and England. Additionally, WSOF Global will host WSOF Global Championship 5 in South Africa on June 3rd 2017 and then WSOF Global Championship 6 in Australia on July 8th 2017. 

“When the news was released about WSOF (USA) planning on changing their business model and promotion name, there was a lot of speculation that took place. There may have been certain reasons behind a name change domestically for the US company and its events, but this is globally branded company.  We at WSOF Global want the fans to know we are still promoting more exciting MMA events this year, and offering a platform for everyone in the world to watch these fights.” WSOF Global’s COO, Darren Owen states. “There are a lot of great MMA markets around the world, and many world class promotions and fights are taking place.  We are working with dozens of different promotions to improve their product and showcase their fighters and events to millions of fans. Our business model is currently booming and we are adding more and more promotions weekly.”

Shawn Wright, President of WSOF Global added, "As a founding co-owner of the World Series of Fighting, it certainly has been exciting to see the continued evolution of the US company, and we look forward to also promoting the new US brand under the exclusive license agreement.  More importantly to me were the accomplishments and accolades of the unique WSOF Global team from around the world. I have never experienced this type of comradery from so many individual promotions to promote pure MMA at a global scale.  This isn't the Hollywood style fights you experience on PPV in the USA, this is just pure sport.  Having so many fighters, coaches, teams, and promotions working together has been a phenomenal experience that many said we couldn't accomplish.  Our Global team did it."

WSOF Global's platform currently consists of 24 promotions from 21 different countries on 6 continents hosting approximately 100 events in 2017. With WSOF Global’s online subscription of only $9.99/month, fans can watch all of the live events and have access to the full fight library of many promotions worldwide. 

World Series of Fighting Global Championship is dedicated to growing the international brand of World Series of Fighting throughout the world by adding affiliate organizations to develop their athletes and provide them with opportunities to compete on larger platforms for the advancement of the sport of MMA. Media inquiries should be sent to Darren Owen, Chief Operations Officer of World Series of Fighting Global Championship, at dowen@themmaworldcup.com Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @wsofglobal



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