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Alaska:No More Aces in their Deck of Cards, Suffered 7th Loss in a Row, Astonishing Stats. Why?

After showing four Aces in their deck of cards in the first four games, it's all bad draw for Alaska after as they plummeted to the ground and lost all games for the rest of the 2017 PBA Commissioner's Cup Elimination.  What happened and what went wrong?

The expectation was high for this great team as they have always shown toughness and grit in the PBA but when you lose seven in a row after winning the first four, then this could be really bad.

Last night, Alaska in their last game against Star Hotshots, one of the best teams this conference, they suffered another humiliating loss as the hottest team handed them one of their worst defeats in the conference.  The game was exciting from the start and it looked like Alaska will end the elimination on a high note but something went wrong again and they fell hard on their nose as they were not able to sustain the momentum. The score ended in overtime with the score of 102 -98.

The game perfectly summed up their conference as they looked very strong to start but then suddenly lost it.  What is wrong?

I looked at the team stats for the last five games and here is what I got from PBA.ph

The FG% is just hard to look at, is this for real?

The game with Star, their field goal percentage is at 36%, aha! These answers it, they can't shoot.

Well, I hope it's that simple but it ain't. There are a lot of factors why a team would lose and while one of them is scoring there is always another side of the coin that needs to be addressed. Are they making the right play at the end? Are they motivated?

Alaska as a team has a tradition of winning. I have always looked up to their organization and I hate to see the team go down hard like this.

If they make the cut in the quarter-finals, they will face the two top teams and that could be Star again or either one from Ginebra and San Miguel Beermen. And while every team has a chance of winning, Alaska's chance may dwindle down a bit more, not because they are less of a team but because the momentum is against them and this type of beating takes a lot from your heart and mind.



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