6 Misconceptions Filipinos Have About Strength Training

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If this picture won't inspire the ladies, nothing will

1. If you’re a woman, you will get a masculine physique.

No ladies, you won’t bulk up when you start lifting. Testosterone, found in men, is the hormone that builds muscle. Naturally, women have less of it. Women who lift see slower gains in muscle and strength than men. With strength-training, you’ll see improvement in body composition, but you won’t look like a guy. Let’s face it, you won’t train as hard as Ronda Rousey, so relax.

2. You can get big in a month’s time.

Building muscle is dependent on many factors. Training volume and diet is one of them. If you train a few times per week, have a lot of rest periods, and generally don’t lift hard, then you won’t see a lot of gains. You are what you eat, so if you eat a lot of crap, there you go. It's given that a lot can change in 30 days, but getting big takes months and months of training.

Every male teenager's dream body

3. If you’re a teenager, it will STUNT your growth.

A lot of lolas will tell you that if you lift weights, your bones won’t grow or your muscles will not fully develop. Science tells us that strength training is actually good for you. It actually strengthens your bone density and encourages growth in the skeleto-muscular system. (There are actual studies linked below the article to prove this). As long as you don’t lift TOO HEAVY, and you keep proper form, you’re good to go. 

4. You need to be in a gym to do it.

Sure, most gyms have all the equipment you would want to use. But do you really need all that equipment? Don’t sign up for a gym membership, and go there only 3 times per month. You can save money by exercising in your own house. For a lot of good exercises, you’ll only need a yoga mat and some dumbbells. 

Your grandparents can lift weights, as long as they "exercise" caution (get it?)

5. If you’re too old, you’re forbidden from lifting.

If you know someone in their late 40’s, or even seniors, don’t discourage them from lifting. Sure, there are a lot of difficulties and challenges to overcome at that age. But age is just a number. There are a lot of seniors who strength train and they feel great. Some studies say that lifting actually decreases signs of aging (link to studies below).

 Yes, your little Joshua can do strength-training

6. Children should NEVER lift weights.

Most parents are overprotective of their little tykes. Especially moms. You nurtured that kid for 9 months, and pushed it out of you, so that’s understandable. But lifting won’t harm them, it actually benefits them. They’ll be more efficient in sports and it’ll be good for their bones and muscles. (link to studies below). So moms, your 9 year-old can train with their dads, as long as they use light weights and  keep proper form.


Lifting for teens and children:

Lifting for older-age adults and the elderly:

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