Brandon Rios on Rumors he KOd McGregor in Sparring: "I don't even know who the guy is!"

Last weekend, fans has gone crazy about the rumor that Brandon Rios KOd McGregor in sparring session it started when boxer Jessie Vargas claimed that McGregor got knocked out whilst in sparring with Rios.

"This guy got knock out in sparring. We were hearing stories" said Vargas during his interview to Villainfy Media. "The boxing world is small so it's a small circle"

However, Brandon Rios has responded to rumors during his video interview with ES News.

Watch the full interview here:

"No man Vargas is f***ing about. I never met that motherf***er, I know nothing about him. I've never met that motherf***er but I'd like to spar him."

"I don't even know who the guy is honestly. Even though I watch MMA I don't know who he is"

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