Highlights: Global Port Repels Phoenix, Terrence Romeo Scored 21 Points Wearing Nike Kobe Shoes

Phoenix fell short against Global Port

Global Port Repel Phoenix, Terrence Romeo Scored 21 points wearing Kobe Shoe

Global Port had enough buffer to retain the lead and get their first win in the 2017 PBA Governors Cup.

Batang Pier was pretty much in control of the first 3 quarters scoring more than 25 points in each until Phoenix pushed the panic button and tried to come back from the game in the fourth.

Phoenix rallied and scored 32 points against only 18 of Global Port. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to extirpate the Batang Pier who piled up enough buffer to get away with the win.

Global Port import Murphy Hollaway had a monster game scoring 29 points and grabbing 20 boards. Terrence Romeo was the leading scorer again for all locals collecting 21 points.

Phoenix had a bad game tonight shooting 35% from the field, their shooters were out of range.Baguio (28%), Jazul (33%) and Wright were (0/6).

Phoenix is now 2 wins and 1 loss while Global Port captured their first win and is now 1-1.

Side note: We had a survey in our last article on what sneaker brand Terrence Romeo will be wearing tonight. Romeo wore a Nike Kobe shoe brand despite being a Peak endorser. 

The scores:

GLOBALPORT 100 - Holloway 29, Romeo 21, Arana 13, Pringle 11, Anthony 9, Grey 5, Van Opstal 4, Guinto 3, Pennisi 3, Ababou 0, Cortez 0, Mamaril 0.

PHOENIX 91 - Phelps 32, Eriobu 11, Intal 11, Jazul 10, Baguio 5, Alolino 5, Dehesa 5, W. Wilson 4, Wright 4, J. Wilson 2, Kramer 2, Hayes 0, Borboran 0.

Quarters: 26-15, 54-36, 82-59, 100-91.

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