OMG! Watch Tim Duncan Training MMA, Will he be Fighting Anytime Soon?

Tim Duncan, one of the best basketball players in the world is trying a different sport.

A Hall of Famer and a champion, Tim only started playing basketball as a 9th-grade student. He was a swimmer when he was a boy and had to switch to basketball because the only swimming pool that he practices in the U.S. Virgin Islands was destroyed by a hurricane.  Now 4, and after a number of recognitions and accomplishment in the NBA, he could be trying another sport.

It is never too late to start and Tim Duncan towering at 6'11 is training Muay Thai and could be fighting soon?  Not really, Tim Duncan like a lot of people uses the art to stay fit and condition. Besides, no novice in the right mind would even challenge the big fundamental.

Check out Tim Duncan throwing kicks and punches. Should Tim Duncan compete in MMA?

Should Tim Duncan Compete in an amateur MMA event?

Yes, I will watch it
No, He will just put his life in danger
Maybe, It's something new
I don't care

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