Randy Couture: McGregor won't get knocked out

Former UFC Champion Randy Couture believes that Conor McGregor will not be an easy opponent for Floyd Mayweather.

"McGregor won't get knocked out," Couture told Sky Sports. "He's younger, he's bigger, he's unorthodox as a southpaw. He won't throw things that Mayweather is used to seeing."

His fellow Mixed Martial Artist McGregor will be fighting boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather in a boxing fight at 154 pounds limit. Couture reflects on his fight with former boxing world champion James Toney where he beat Toney via first round submission in 2010 (but the fight was happened inside the octagon not in boxing ring)

"Comparing boxing and MMA has been going on since the creation of mixed martial arts, but they're apples and oranges," Couture said. "I absolutely had the entire burden of the question pitting MMA against boxing. I began fighting in 1997 and those comparisons were being asked, so I felt pressure. It's something I took seriously because I was happy to represent MMA in that match. I was proud to get the job done."

 "The real question was: how much MMA would he be able to learn in the four months that he had to prepare? That was answered pretty quickly on fight night. I wasn't silly enough to test James Toney's hands while wearing 4oz gloves. That would have been ludicrous. I needed to avoid getting caught by James Toney as I tried to shoot in and get my hands on him. The transition that would have been the most horrible for me was if he rolled his shoulders, threw a hook, or caught me with an uppercut. "

"I fashioned a game-plan to put him in as many MMA positions as possible, and to keep him away from the boxing part of MMA. I certainly respected him as a boxer, he had tons of skills."

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