The Plot Thickens: Now Kyrie is Blaming LeBron James "disgusted", Whats next for LeBron James?

Stephen A. Smith says Kyrie Irving's camp is "disgusted" because they believe LeBron James' people leaked the news about Irving's request for a trade.

Let's assume it's true, why do Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland?  Something is not right and for a team that has been rather successful since LeBron James went back to the Cavs, it is but surprising that any player would want to leave.

Kyrie Irving, however, feels the other way around as he requests a trade out from a team that drafted him and played for six years.

This is why it is difficult to duplicate what the Golden State Warriors has done. The Kyrie situation is just one of the many examples that prove how hard it is to keep superstars intact in one team.

Who would you rather keep?

LeBron James
Kyrie Irving