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Trading LeBron James and Retaining Kyrie Irving is the Better Option?

How about trading LeBron James instead of Kyrie Irving? Are you crazy?

Kyrie Irving pronounced that he wants to move out of Cleveland and one of the rumored reasons was because he does not want to play behind LeBron James and wanted to be the main man in his own team. Kyrie Irving is one of the best point guards today averaging 25 points and 5 assists last season. He maybe thinking that he is ready to run his own show and he will not be able to do that while LeBron James is still around in Cleveland.

Kyrie is only 25 years old, he has a lot of potential and can certainly be better while LeBron James on the other hand is already 32, and while he is showing no indication of slowing down, the man could potentially go there any time soon.  Aside from his age, there has been a lot of talks that he is not happy with the Cavs, this is even before the Kyrie Irving's situation broke out. 

LeBron James may already have plans of moving out after this season. We heard a lot of news about his management team reaching out to the Lakers and this smoke is clouding over the Cavaliers future. 

Cleveland is in a tight situation right now as they are forced to choose which direction to go. Would they gamble with LeBron James or would they build around Kyrie Irving. 

Trade LeBron

Most of you would say that, there is no way in the world that a team would trade the best player on the planet. Just no way, but it may make sense for them to actually do that. Indiana Pacers traded Paul George to OKC because they knew that the star forward will not sign with them next year. They did not get a decent exchange but at least they got something out of it. Cleveland maybe in the same predicament now and the good and gutsy move is to probably trade the King and get something in return, maybe a draft pick or a reliable player who can play behind Kyrie Irving. 

Maybe Kyrie Irving would choose to stay once they trade LeBron James. 



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