FIBA Asia Cup 2017, Will Australia Start Dominating the Region, Philippines is just at Number 7

Australia could start a new dynasty in the newly reformat FIBA Asia Tournament

A few days ago, Australia captured their first FIBA Asia Cup trophy.

Formerly separated from the Asian region, the Oceania contenders like Australia and New Zealand is now a part of the FIBA Asia Cup. The new format was created to increase the level of games in Asia and with this movement, it will definitely make it harder for Asian teams to beat teams like Asutralia who usually are Olympic-caliber type.

Iran who usually lords over the region had some difficulties and had to give way for the new teams on the block as they fell short in their finals meeting for the 2017 FIBA Championship last August 20th in Lebanon. If Asian countries are unable to adapt, we might see a start of dominance from Australia.

The Philippine team who once was also a top contender in Asia and the world will now have a much tougher time reclaiming the title as more and better competition has been added.

Here is the current ranking of the 8 top teams in Asia.

FIBA Asia Cup 2017 Top 8:

1. Australia
2. I.R. Iran
3. Korea
4. New Zealand
5. China
6. Lebanon
7. Philippines
8. Jordan

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