Joel Embiid Still Not Clear to Play: The Long and Winding Process

Can you still trust the process?

The 23-year-old Joel Embiid was drafted 3rd overall by the Sixers back in 2014. Fast forward today, Embiid has only played 31 games total in his 3 years in the NBA.  Although he averaged 20 points with 7 rebounds and 2 blocks, it is but concerning that his knee and foot injury has kept him away for the majority of his NBA career.

Report from the 76ers Director of Performance Research and Development, Dr. David T. Martin, indicated that Embiid should be able to resume basketball activities sometime this summer. 

There is still a lot of hype surrounding Joel Embiid but it could die at any moment if he could not sustain his health. The Sixers has been delicate in handling Joel and has been protective in ensuring that they will be able to utilize Embiid in the long haul.

Now with Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons and a few other young and potential superstars, Joel Embiid needs to stay healthy and stay playing now.

Will Joel Embiid be healthy?

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