Top 10 NBA Trades the Cleveland Cavaliers Should Do To Build The Next Super Team

Cleveland Cavaliers May Not Be Done in Making Moves

I honestly believe that there will be a couple more big moves under the table that will be coming out for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

After an expected trade that sent their primary point guard Kyrie Irving to Boston Celtics for Isaiah Thomas, the Cleveland Cavaliers may not be done at all as they may still need to change a few things in their line up to further improve and give themselves a  better chance of competing against the Warriors this season.

YouTube's Black9ne will show you a few of those potential moves that can or will make the Cavaliers an even tougher team that they already are.

From my point of view, I think they may need to improve on their front court and probably trade for a center.  Their front court is solid but they may be short handed with bigs and acquisition of a reliable big man may help their cause for next season.


Check out additional Top 10 NBA Trades The Cleveland Cavaliers should do to build the next nba superteam! Few days the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to trade Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas and they received a lot of good assets in this trade they can use in an additional trade to get another superstar and to build a superteam like the Golden State Warriors did. To build a new superteam they can use the 2018 Brooklyn Nets Pick, Tristan Thompson or maybe even star player Kevin Love! - Black9ne

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