8 NBA Records That Are Unbreakable And 7 Records That Were Surprisingly Passed

These are pretty interesting predictions of NBA records that have been surpassed and those that will never be broken. As always, these are just predictions so let us know your comments if you don't agree with them.

Watch the 8 Unbreakable NBA Records That Are And 7 Records That Were Surprisingly Passed

Check out the 8 best nba records that will never be broken and 7 nba records that were surprisingly passed. We had a lot of crazy nba records throughout the history of the NBA! A lot of unbreakable records were set in the era of Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain - which are absolutely crazy like the 100 Point game from Chamberlain. But there were also a few records like the 72-10 record from the Chicago Bulls that were surprisingly passed! Here are the best unbreakable records and crazy records that were passed surprisingly! 

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