NBA 2K18 Still the Best, Launch in Manila

NBA 2K18, still the best basketball simulation game in the market with its improved gameplay and animation, and  Run the Neighborhood Feature 

9/18/2017 -  Every year 2K Sports improves their animation and this year was no different, with players looking and moving like their real self-counterpart, NBA 2K18 gives you that feeling of realness.

We were one of the few people invited who got to try the game before it hits the market in the Philippines and in our opinion, NBA 2K18 never fails to impress every year. We were initially concerned about how they enhanced the A.I. of the game and how realistic you can run the play but it still looks to be the same as its predecessor. The game is very enjoyable and engrossing especially if you are playing with friends although in some cases the animation between quarters and timeouts seem to be unnecessary as it delays heated games between gamers.

Let me show you the highlights of the NBA 2K18 Manila Launch

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