Looking for Money: Without Pacquiao, Jeff Horn Targets Conor McGregor

Jeff Horn Holding Lots of Money

After gaining international recognition defeating Manny Pacquiao in their last match, Jeff Horn looks at getting more money fights.

We know that Manny Pacquiao rejected the proposed rematch between the two pugilists and while Manny isn't in a hurry going back to the ring, Jeff Horn however is motivated to show the boxing fans that he is not just a one hit star. 

Scheduled to fight Gary Corcoran on December 13, 2017, Australias WBO Welterwight champion will defend the title against Englands Gary Corcoran. Gary is not a bad match up for Jeff, however, the two boxers isn't really a fight that could generate ticket sales and revenue. 

As early as now, if Manny Pacquiao continues to ignore them, the Australian camp is rumored to be negotiating a fight with Conor McGregor in Boxing. 

Conor McGregor on the other hand had not set any schedule both in MMA and Boxing as of yet. McGregor recently fought against Boxings number one money maker in Floyd Mayweather Jr. The widely advertised event earned McGregor not just his first experience in boxing but also his highest pay day to date. 

Jeff Horn's camp certainly knows how to make some noise these days, and while we can almost say that this is a PR stunt, the fight which features McGregor will almost always interest the most casual of fans and could generate the kind of money that Jeff Horn is looking for.

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