Reshuffled Decks: Cavs to Take on the Celtics Tomorrow

Decks have been reshuffled. The question is “Who has the better card combination now?” 

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving high fived way back last season
LeBron James and Kyrie Irving high fived way back last season

Kyrie Irving has been sent to The Boston Celtics in exchange for Isaiah Thomas and Jae Crowder. Two teams which go head-to-head against each other last Eastern Conference finals now trying to help out and build each other’s armada. But the truce is temporary, to test their new team’s efficiency and capability, they will try to take down each other tomorrow.

Will Kyrie Irving and the rest of the Celtics able to keep their preseason record clean? Or will LeBron James and the Cavs resist being back on their preseason nightmare after losing 4 in a row?

LeBron James, setting aside his former teammate Kyrie Irving, has another perilous foe to face tomorrow, the rising Power Forward Gordon Hayward is now in the Celtics.

Stopping each other is the key to gain advantage and eventually winning a game. Who can stop their opponent first? And How?

Coach Ty Lue admitted that Kyrie Irving is still an unstoppable player offensively, he’s just now on a different team.

Another interesting statement by Coach Ty is that he’ll downgrade the Cavs units against the Boston. He would not deploy such additions which is very unfortunate for the long-waiting fans. The Cavs are not going to reveal their true form against a team which would likely be standing on their way back to the finals.

Nevertheless, it would still be great in the long run. Powerhouse teams like the Celtics and the Cavs will surely go full throttle once the season has officially started. The wait for the magnificent explosion just extended a little bit.

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