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Balls-Eye: One Bad Curry Game won’t Mean Dubs’ Collapse

Golden State isn't only Steph Alone

Stephen Curry

After injury recovery, Steph Curry managed to play Boston Celtics but ended up being a dormant with only 9 points that resulted to Warriors’ 4th season loss, but remember that even LeBron James had a bad game against the Boston Celtics and also ended up losing, but in the end they still overthrew them to win the series. So as the Warriors, after the loss against Boston, here they are again winning two straight games.

Steph scored huge in their next game against the Sixers, exploding with 35 points. It was redemption in a flash. After a very bad game, in a blink of an eye, Curry’s ultimate form was right back in the court.

The dubs won another game against the Nets, with Steph exploding once again with 39 points and 11 rebounds double-double performance. The splash brothers may not have connected from beyond the arc but still their waves are titanic, Klay Thomspon backed up Steph with 23 points. Despite Curry being fouled out and Nets’ humongous 42 points made in the 3rd quarter alone, Steph Curry had provided enough space for the Warriors to hold on to 2nd straight victory.

But the question is, is Steph really back?

Yes, he scored big in the next two games, but he isn’t coming from the rainbow country – his homeland. It is just a good thing that Curry sufficed the needed production in a different field, but him being lethal from the outside? Not really. In fact, it was the Nets who was raged from beyond the arc with 16 triples that berated the Dubs with only 10, which explains why they managed to catch up to just behind 7 points at the end of the game.



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