Balls-Eye: Who Could be MVP’s if there’s no LeBron and Steph?

The NBA MVP Trophy

With a very vast pool of ferocious players in the league with different yet explosive potentials, which one of them can last until the end to take home the bacon? 

Well, there are really a whole lot of them but let us narrow down this seemingly endless range to our top 5 players to keep an eye with, but in order to make this interesting, let us scratch out the two greatest superstars of this era on the list – Stephen Curry and LeBron James.

1 – Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Greek Freak’s consistent monstrous performance every game is one of the qualities an MVP Awardee must have – to be an unstoppable scorer. 

But the question is, how far can the Greek Freak take his team with?

This question is the problem, if the scenario will be vice versa, how far can the team take Giannis, then the Greek Freak may have his shot for the award that every single athlete in any league aspires to have at least one on their lifetime career. Right now, It is always Giannis all the time all throughout, his team was being left behind by his own pace but there’s no way that Antetokounmpo shall stop, it’s his team who must adjust to his playing intensity.

2 – James Harden

With him leading the Houston Rockets, which is one of the teams trying to overthrow the Dubs, he’ll be a great candidate to keep an eye on for the MVP award. He’s also known to be one of Steph’s greatest match ups. Now, scratching out Curry in the league, then James Harden totally deserves to be an MVP.

3 – Kyrie Irving

LeBron’s former partner last 3 seasons and is known for his absolute offensive power. Kyrie Irving is doing well with his new team – the Boston Celtics. They currently sit on the top spot 9 wins to 2 losses and Kyrie Irving is the one leading the team to victory through his points and assists – a quality a great point guard must possess to carry and provide a great hassle for the team.

4 – Kevin Durant

Well, who does not know of KD? The difference between the old Warriors to the new Warriors. The closest match against LeBron James to be the GOAT of this era. Kevin Durant just have it all. Being frequently compared to the considered to be Greatest Player LeBron James plus being teamed up with the superstar duo splash brothers of the Dubs, KD has a very high probability to bag the MVP price.

There is a huge number of potential athletes in the NBA that we may see all of them as MVP candidates. 

Yes, the Most Valuable Player Award is an individual award yet it cannot be achieved individually. For higher chances of being the chosen one for this, your team must at least reach the finals, hence it is not an individual player’s effort alone. It is still about the team behind his success. Without the team keeping pace with his game’s extraordinary level, then no matter how great the player is, he’ll never make it to the peak of his career.

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