How Much are the Actual Ginebra Championship Bonuses?

Barangay Ginebra celebrated a back to back Governors Cup Title and the principals were in the mood for giving

Just what you can do or buy with the bonuses given to the players?

Last week, Ginebra captured their first back to back Governors Cup Championship. A few days ago,  they celebrated with the fans and today, Ginebra players are either buying a new car, a vacation house or enjoying their hard earned bonus money. 

But just how much money did the players actually get?

According to a good friend and a Ginebra insider, each players were given different amounts of bonuses depending on their salaries and performances during the finals. So, you can safely say that Justin Brownlee and LA Tenorio are the most fortunate. The rest of the players, however, seems very happy as well with what they got. The big boss of SMC is looking to make an impression to the players to keep them motivated or in Ginebra term "Ganado".

We were told that the equivalent amount could be 10x more their salaries so if you are the kind of player who is getting about 400,000 every month then this would mean that you got about 4 million bonus. You can either buy an SUV, make a down payment for a house, or take a long vacation somewhere in the Caribbean.

***Disclaimer: all figures and approximations are not verified***

What would you do if you got a million peso bonus?

Buy a jewelry
Go on a vacation
Downpayment for a house
Downpayment for a car
Give to my parents
Save it
build quizzes

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