The Most Talked About NBA Rookie: Is Lonzo Ball a Bust or Not?

Lonzo's numbers are not lying

Has Lonzo Ball turned out to be that rookie that was advertised? 

10 games into the regular season as the Los Angeles Lakers are sitting at 5-5 as they are currently playing against their arch-nemesis, the league-leading Boston Celtics, let's take a look at the numbers of one specific rookie who has been in the center of the spotlight ever since his grand arrival in Hollywood, Lonzo Ball. 

In fact, Ball was already the most hyped rookie even before he was drafted by the Lakers as the social media was flooded with videos featuring Ball's performances during his 1-year stint at the University of California, Los Angeles. 

When the inevitability happened as the Lakers finally drafted Ball despite worries from fans and pundits alike that  Ball's equally famous father, LaVar Ball might interfere with the Lakers' way of managing minutes, fans erupted in hope as they began posting on social media with Lonzo Ball teaming up with Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram and fellow rookie Kyle Kuzma, some fans were saying that this will be the young core that might break the Lakers' dry spell in making the playoffs. 


As mentioned, the Lakers are currently playing against the Celtics and they were down big back in the first half but came back in the 3rd quarter. While the game is ongoing, let's answer one question: was Lonzo Ball all hype?

Yes. He's a bust!

  • 8 points per game
  • 29% field goal shooting (23% from the three-point line)
  • 6 rebounds per game
  • 6 assists per game
Performance-wise, Lonzo Ball has become nothing but a hyped player who only scored in double-figures, twice in 10 games, 29 points against the Phoenix Suns, and 13 points against the Detroit Pistons. 

Then, he was held scoreless by the Portland Trail Blazers. 

One may say that he's still adjusting to playing in the pro ranks but if the Lakers want to return to the playoffs, they will need Lonzo to perform on a certain level that made him an early candidate for the Rookie of the Year award. 

Why? Just look at Kyle Kuzma's numbers, folks. Kuzma is averaging 15 points per game while making 56% of his shots. And Kuzma has been playing 29 minutes on the average.

It's only 10 games and he's a rookie

Let's be fair. He's only 20 years old and a rookie. 

While he's great during his college days, adjusting to the physicality in the NBA alone, takes time and so is proving that he's worth all the hype. 

Believe the pundit on wheels, folks, Lonzo Ball will become one of the brightest stars in the NBA and when that happens, his haters can only eat their hatred. He might not be able to score consistently but believe it or not, Lonzo Ball is one of the reasons why the Lakers are at 5-5.


Lonzo Ball still has a long way to go in his young NBA career and yes, he will make all of us watch once he finds his groove in the league. Give him time and the right training, it will not be long 'til he starts playing like the player he was advertised to be: Balling like nothing else matters. 

Otherwise, LeBron James might want to reconsider his plans to join Lonzo come July of next year. 

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