No One Knows When Kawhi Leonard is Returning Not Even the Spurs

The Spurs has no time table for Kawhi Leonard

The 26-year-old and best two-way player in the NBA have not seen any action for the season yet owning to injury and while Tony Parker is scheduled to play against Mavs, Kawhi Leonard is nowhere near playing basketball.

Greg Popovich has been giving us false hope

"I keep saying sooner rather than later," Popovich said.

But the truth of the matter is that Greg Popovich has never encountered an injury like Kawhi's and the Spurs medical team has not been able to provide any time table for his return. Kyle Anderson has been playing his position while he is gone but isn't really able to duplicate his performance.

Kawhi Leonard will remain on the sideline for Monday's match up with the Mavericks as he watches Tony Parker play his first ever game for the season.  Leonard has played his best NBA season last year averaging 25.5 points per game.

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