Balls Eye: Cavs and Grizzlies will Prolong Their Current Streak

LeBron James

As Cavs are eyeing for their 11th straight win, they'll face another team which also has a current running streak. 

The difference is that the Cavs wanted to extend the building up dominance. On the other hand, their opponent Memphis Grizzlies wanted to escape in their seemingly never ending nightmare as they now have 9 straight losses.

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It is indeed sad on the part of Grizzlies. On their struggle for redemption they'll face a powerhouse squad like the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But before they face Cleveland, they are against another perilous teams, the San Antonio Spurs. An 11th straight loss may be forecast. Being down 9 times plus facing two enormous teams in a row.

It isn't impossible for the Grizzlies to break the losing streak they are in yet they are in big trouble. The severely diminished morale of the team is at risk of absolute depletion as they face the Spurs and afterwards Cavs.

On the other hand, the Cleveland Cavaliers do not want their team to be ceased by a team out from a losing streak. In a snap, it will be a complete turned tables. Grizzlies, despite a prolonged losing streak end their despair by defeating a no ordinary Cavs.


The Grizzlies Cavs game will be a story of redemption and struggle for team morale. Any of the teams that may lose the game will surely be impacted severely due to explicit factors behind the 48-minute action. 

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