Balls-Eye: Is Thunder Nowhere Within the Super Team Showdown?

Paul George and Russell Westbrook

If we are going to criticize in a way that we'll look at the win-loss record of powerhouse teams in the league, then Thunder really is nowhere to be found with their 11-13 standing.

But what if we look deeper onto each or even just some of their 11 wins?

They have beaten very strong teams like the Warriors which happens to be their considered rival when speaking of Westbrook's grief on Durant. It is not easy to beat a team especially when your former ace, which your team relied with numerous times especially in crucial moments of significant games. What is it like to face your former strength?

They've also defeated the Milwaukee Bucks where the Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo is very much explosive. Defeating a team with a monstrous offensive player is far from just picking apples in your backyard. Individual defense on an extraordinary scorer won't be enough to shut him down but still OKC did outscore the Bucks.

Nevertheless, OKC lost against a rising team Boston Celtics. They are just one of the 16 teams Boston had beaten straight.


OKC's been performing well but if relative to the super teams, they've been left behind. Cavs and Warriors are way out of sight. 

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