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Buster Scher: The Man Behind Hoops Nation

Buster Scher: The Social Influencer Man Behind Hoops Nation

Bust a move the Sports Social Media Industry, Buster Scher

When I first saw his videos, I knew that there was something special about this young kid. 

Buster Scher is a host, social media influencer and the man behind Hoops Nation as well as numerous other networks in the social space. He started on social media when he was in 8th grade writing long-form content on fantasy basketball because he felt there was an extreme lack of coverage there. That was 6 years ago. A lot has changed for him since then.

If you ask him how to describe himself, he'll probably just say that he's a gigantic Knicks fan. But if you're online and a basketball fan, you probably know who he is or know Hoops Nation. His videos have gone viral on Facebook garnering upwards of 20 million views on his pages alone.

But social isn't all he does though, he also hosts a show for the basketball media company, Overtime. That show is weekly on social. Buster also has his podcast in which he garners some pretty big names to come on and chat about hoops and their life. His youtube "Buster Scher" is something he stressed was going to be the main focus in 2018.

He's been relatively quiet regarding his decision to skip college but he says that it just makes sense. It has for a while and he has no regrets whatsoever about the decision which will take into effect in June of 2018. He says it'll be an obvious decision in retrospect due to the time he'll be gaining back to focus on his business endeavors.

Buster says that 2018 is going to be a pretty wild and crazy year, but he couldn't be looking forward to it more. One of his goals is to "blow up" his youtube channel which he started a few months ago and eventually move to vlogging. Right now, he said he's building a base off of his basketball videos and what not, but he intends on expanding beyond that into more lifestyle and personality based content.



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