Videos of the Day: Lonzo Ball's Surprise, Local MMA and the Top 10 NBA Crossover

December 2, 2017, it's a weekend and today we learned that LeBron James and James Harden were just announced players of the month while Kyle Kuzma and Ben Simmons are the rookies of the month. These players deserve their respective awards but we were just wondering, how about the heavily advertised Lonzo Ball?

The father continues his outlandish claims about his son but so far his game hasn't shown them yet, until maybe the game against the Warriors where ESPN Stephen Smith was impressed.

1. Let's check out what Stephen A. Smith had to say about Lonzo Ball

At number two, we'd like to share a preview of a local MMA fight in the Philippines that's happening today at the Ayala South Park Mall from 6pm onwards. If you are within the Area of Muntinlupa, head to the mall and enjoy some local MMA action.

2. Centennial MMA Fight Night 2 Preview

For our last video of the day, and you know we want to make sure we end with a bang, we bring you some of the best action in the NBA last November.

3. NBA Best Crossover moves for November 2017

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