Bouncy Thoughts: Real Champs vs People's Champs

Kobe Bryant against Michael Jordan

If you would be given a chance to be on a certain basketball team? Would you rather be in the strongest team or in the crowd's favorite?

Let us determine what are the perks when you are on both teams and what are the possible skids.

Let us start with the real champs or basically the strongest team. A team where most of the superstars and league legends reside. A home of the prodigies. It would seem like nothing could beat this team. Teams like these are composed of players that are specialized in different fields. They are often called Super Teams nowadays.

Now, how about the people's champ? Well, you'll be the league's protagonist. Every single game, it would feel like the whole arena is cheering for you. People would make some noise whenever you score. The pressure isn't on you and every court would be your home. Win or lose, games would be worth remembering. You'll be well-known and would always be in the spotlight regardless of not being champs all the time.

Now both have exceptional perks that may convince us to enter such teams if given the chance.

To make this comparison even better, let us try to picture out a finals series between such teams. A championship battle between the People's Champ against the Prodigies of the era. Who'll you be in to?

Technically, the favor is on the prodigies' side when talking about skills. They are surely ahead of the people's champs but who could explain the extra boost the audience provides for the people's champs?

The real champs would be under extreme pressure while the people's champs would surely be having a good time as the whole arena cheers for them.

So, it's your decision to whom you would want to play with. Your thoughts?

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