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Isaiah Thomas Tweets The Difference Between Kobe and LeBron

Isaiah Thomas and Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is Better Than LeBron James - Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas had a bitter ending relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers and it looks like it is much deeper than what we thought. Thomas had a great year in Boston before being traded to Cleveland for a blockbuster trade that involved Kyrie Irving.

Fast forward today, Isaiah Thomas played 15 games with the Cavs and averaged close to 15 points per game. He was the 3rd best scorer only behind LeBron James and Kevin Love, unfortunately, his performance did not translate to a win and his presence contributed to the current frictions within the organization. 

Cleveland decided that the best course of action was to reshuffle the lineup and include the recently acquire Isaiah Thomas. 

Isaiah Thomas has been a Journeyman

Five teams in 8 seasons and with the Lakers publicly saying their plans of acquiring two superstars after this season, it's possible that Thomas may see himself with another team once again. Thomas has always been a scorer despite his size disadvantage. He has averaged double-figures throughout his career, the highest being 28 points in Boston. Maybe one of the reasons why is because Cleveland thought he's at the same level as Kyrie Irving, unfortunately, he is not. 

Kobe Bryant is Better than LeBron James

 LeBron doesn't even care. that's the difference between him and the Black Mamba, He's really good but Kobe is Really great. - Isaiah Thomas' Tweet

The now Lakers Isaiah Thomas suddenly had the courage to post something against LeBron James especially after the trade has been consummated. Isaiah Thomas' relationship with the Cavs was not plum and the results are just evident for both sides. Thomas suddenly compared LeBron James with Kobe Bryant and just told everyone LeBron doesn't care.



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