Weighing Up Fresh Wheels with Second Hand Vehicles

Everybody knows that all important question in your mind when you decide to invest in a new car. “Do I do splash out on new wheels or rock it out with second hand?’ It is a painstakingly difficult decision, more so than when you decided to pop the question or have kids. Yes, cars are that important and the decision shouldn’t be made lightly. There are a whole host of pros and cons to both sides so you might feel pretty daunted at first. Whether you’re buying or leasing a car you need to take a few simple points into consideration. You want to be sure that you have assessed all of your options and you end up with the ideal car for you. These are the pointers you might want to consider when making that vital decision between a new or used vehicle.

The Devaluation Decider

Our cars are often a direct reflection of ourselves; they allow us independence and the freedom to go wherever we need to go. Let’s face it, you feel pretty devoted to your car as it does so much for your everyday. You care for it, maintain it and take it to the Auto Repair whenever it needs that little bit of extra attention. You treat it as you would treat a child really, love, affection and the odd check up at the doctors now and then. Realistically, you need to start detaching yourself from the car for a moment; forget the look and feel of going for a drive every day and just think of your car as a practical source. As soon as you buy a new car you are immediately driving it away from the dealership with a significant depreciation in value. It is true that a brand new set of wheels loses up to fifty percent of its original value in the first two years. A used car is a much lesser initial expense to you and the devaluation amount is much less too. It seems like a no-brainer, but obviously be sure you go with your own individual preference.

The Payment Proclamation

This is probably the deciding factor of whether you go used or new; it often depends on how much of a deposit or upfront payment you need to give there and there. If you’re opting for a used vehicle the down payment will usually be a great deal less than a brand spanking new one. You don’t want to get caught payment massive interest charges though. If you do have the cash then the new car might be the way to go in the long run. Make sure you negotiate with your dealer and get the best bargain you can.

The Upkeep Evaluation

You’re going to have to maintain the car, whichever way you choose to go. A used car is more likely to need a service sooner than a new one. New cars often come with guarantees and free services included too. Your costs for maintenance on a used car are likely to go up after they go over a certain mileage too. Make sure it is in good enough condition before you make that decision to buy it. Once you’ve got it, you’re in it for the long haul.

So, new or used? Make the decision which works for you. Stick with your budget, find a car you like and you can’t go wrong.


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