FunBall: Do Superteams Exist Years Before Today?

Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden

Superteams are quite new terminologies that emerged these past few years after Kevin Durant sizzled with Warriors' synergy.

But does this mean they were non-existent before?

Superteams typically dominate the league brought by their monstrous lineup of the era's superstars. They have an inherent edge over other squads in their pursuit of the title.

The 'term' started when Durant wore the Warriors Jersey and the Dubs' era started to take over as they thwarted LeBron James and the Cavs twice in three seasons. They are a super team because they have two of the best shooters in the league -- the Splash Brothers plus OKC's former ace Durant. Full packaged dubs started it all.

Recently, this season, the Cavs hungry for redemption designed an 'All - In Cavs' as they traded Kyrie in exchange for two Superstars from Boston plus a Dwyane Wade and a Derrick Rose. This is a humongous roster and in fact, an undeniably larger one compared to the Warriors.

But before these two, we may miss other teams who have been at this full form. One great example is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Remember that the beard, James Harden, KD and Russell Westbrook were once clumped together and was a supernova line up for the Thunder.

How do we call a team a super team?

Is being a champ a necessity? Somehow but it's the lineup that comes first. Remember that the Cavs nowadays didn't make much during their all-in Cavs momentary form. So as the mentioned Harden, Durant and Westbrook. Nevertheless, Superteams that absolutely dominated the league for a number of seasons gain more lasting recognition such as the Chicago Bulls during Michael Jordan's heydays as well as today's Warriors who are looking to repeat history.

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