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One Tower Less: Ginebra Must Stick to GregZilla-less Games

Greg Slaughter Slam Dunk

Greg Slaughter.

Literally the biggest man and figuratively the biggest hope of Barangay Ginebra to conquer the league.

But unforunately, circumstances always hinder Greg Slaughter to play for the Gin Kings.

The fans as well as the players' expectations onto Slaughter's performance has been high eversince but obviously these weren't attained by the bigman and as a result, Ginebra couldn't win the title. In fact they fail to reach the finals. Maybe because most of their well - designed plays needs a player like Greg both on offense and defense.

Slaughter's absence obviously left a huge void on Ginebra's attacks while a huge spot vulnerable in terms of defense. Japeth Aguilar could not handle the paint as Greg does because as observed in Ginebra's plays, Japeth is frequently going in circles on the areas beyond the paint and just goes back in the shaded area when an attack is already in motion. This resulted to a weaker defense as compared to Slaughter's provision. Why? Gregzilla is a static defensive mechanism in the paint. The area underneath the rim is covered all the time regardlwss of the opponent's attacking scheme.

Japeth is more on mid range jumpers and does not specialize on post up plays which is the complete opposite of Slaughter. Ginebra would find a hard way to win without a full strength interior.

As we all know the league is currently dominated by an inside prodigy June Mar Fajardo. Aspiring teams like the Gin Kings need a chess piece that is similar to June Mar's but their only cadet like this is unavailable.

In order to resolve this ultimate dilemma they are in, they must stick to Slaughter-less plays and make the most of what they have on their corner. 

Ginebra may now be less in size but it yield speed and this fas pace Ginebra game is feasible through the help of Sol Mercado and Scottie Thompson led by L.A Tenorio. Ginebra must put the scoring more on the small men and just let the bigger guys do all their best to secure boards and lose balls but not necessarily scoring for they'll find themselves exhausted yet counterproductive due to a huge obstacle inside. 



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