Family Cars That Scream “I’m Luxurious, Buy Me!”

After the wedding, things move pretty quickly. There was the first child, and now you’re on to kid #2. Starting a family is something special and parents wouldn’t change it for the world. If there is one small gripe, however, it’s the impact the family has had on your car obsession. Gone are the days when you roar down the freeway with the top up. Now, it’s all minivans and trunk space. On the face of it, petrol heads assume that they can’t merge their two loves. Kids and exotic, luxury motors don’t mix. 

Here are three models that will change your mind.


Audi A6

Take one look at the A6 model and you’ll fall in love. It isn’t only because of the sleek chassis; the majority of German vehicles are slimline. No, it’s down to the fancy, vivid color staring back at you, willing you to say yes. There’s something about a sky blue Audi which works even though there isn’t another manufacturer that can boost the same. Under the hood, there is serious power as this version comes with options such as a supercharged V6 and a turbocharged V8. There’s lots of legroom in the back as well as the trunk, and it has five doors. Inside, the interior makes use of plush leather. Okay, so the kids will dirty it with their hands, but leather is easy to clean.

Volvo XC60 SUV

A five-door hatchback may not fit the needs of the average family. What with the kids and the plethora of equipment they take with them, you feel as if you need a spaceship. Alas, NASA doesn’t have a model in anything other than white, and it isn’t Labor Day yet so it’s a bold choice. Thankfully, Volvo has come up with a perfect solution – the XC60 SUV. There’s no doubt that SUVs suit families down to the ground due to their size. The problem is that they are ugly and lack performance. For car-enthusiasts, this is a huge no-no. By looking here you’ll see that this Volvo model doesn’t fall into the same category. With 232 bhp and the ability to hit 60 mph in 7.5 seconds, it is no slouch. Plus, the interiors are incredibly elegant and the safety features are second-to-none.

Cadillac CTS

Nothing says luxury in the US better than a Caddy. For years, it’s been the choice of motorists around the country until the European imports muscled in on their territory. Nonetheless, the CTS is America’s answer to the sedans in Europe – take that Germany – and it holds up very well indeed. The non-conventional exterior is an eye-catcher, particularly in a black/grey tint. Also, the body has curves which are quite becoming. Like all American cars, this one doesn’t skimp on power, reaching 60 mph in 3.7 seconds. It has a top speed of 200 mph, too, in case the kids are late for school! Because it isn’t imported, the cost is lower than the other two cars in this list also. 

How do you feel about luxury cars and the family now? Have you changed your mind?


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