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Empowering Narratives: Navigating Criticism at Powcast Sports with Alleged Critics

Silvervoice TV and Billy Manzano started on Powcast Sports
Silvervoice TV and Billy Manzano started on Powcast Sports

From its inception, Powcast Sports has been a trailblazing platform that champions open discussions for fans, irrespective of their status. Simultaneously, we provide transparent guidelines to our viewers and participants, fostering an environment that, at times, transcends control but consistently generates an intriguing, exciting, and occasionally challenging atmosphere resonating with fans across various echelons.

It's important to note that Powcast Sports does not employ or remunerate any participant on the live fans' night. A link is provided in the comment section, inviting people to join the conversations voluntarily.


Enter Billy, the Gilas Pilipinas critic. Every great movie needs a formidable villain, and in the realm of sports commentary, Billy Manzano has emerged as an unapologetic provocateur. While some of his comments may carry factual weight, others admittedly veer into the realm of misplaced and borderline insults. Billy stands out as a super fan, holding steadfast to his opinions regardless of the barrage of facts and reasonable counterarguments thrown his way. Is he a good analyst? Perhaps not, but that was never his role at Powcast.

In my many interactions with Billy, there have been moments of restraint and engagement in verbal altercations, not for views, but out of a genuine need to defend what I believe is right. Our show operates without scripts, and emotions from fans are authentic and unscripted, contributing to the significant growth of our social media accounts.

Billy has untapped potential. Despite my current frustration with him, I acknowledge that he possesses courage, candor, and entertainment value. However, there's a fine line between audacity and foolishness, and in our conversations, Billy tends to lean towards the latter. Acceptance of mistakes and a willingness to learn are vital for growth, qualities I hope he embraces.

To Billy: Even amidst perceived opposition, not everyone is against you. I stand with you, but your refusal to consider alternative perspectives may hinder your growth. Until you open your mind to other ideas, you won't be part of our podcast.

You can support Billy on his own podcast here: https://www.youtube.com/@theroundball1287


Now, let's shift focus to Silvervoice TV, the Casimero critic. My association with Marc Yao, aka Silvervoice, predates his social media prominence. Unlike Billy, Silvervoice is well-established and holds a deeper understanding of the communities he discusses, bolstered by his credentials as a licensed boxing announcer and association with MP Promotions.

Silvervoice has been a vocal critic of the Casimero brothers, and by allowing him on my podcast, I inadvertently became associated with his stance. While I don't align with all his methods, I believe in providing a platform for diverse opinions.

Silvervoice for a while now is no longer featured on Powcast Sports. As a friend, he supports boxing passionately, but his relentless focus on the Casimero attacks overshadowed our goal of providing balanced perspectives. He is welcome to join the podcast for discussions on other boxing matters and not about the 3 division boxing world champion.

Silvervoice TV a man of multiple talents can be found on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/@silvervoicetv

The imperfect but persevering Powcast Sports 

Reflecting on my own journey, I've made mistakes and deviated from the values I aim to uphold. Like Billy and Silvervoice, I believe in affording them opportunities to better themselves and be heard, even if not on Powcast at the moment. 

To our community, your support has been invaluable, and I am grateful for the chances to make amends. As we navigate this journey, let's continue fostering an inclusive community.

Thank you for reading. 

For more articles and sporting news, visit our official website powcast.net. And to my followers, help us reach 1 million on Facebook – we're almost there! If you're on Facebook but not yet a YouTube subscriber, let's equalize them. Your support means the world.

This editorial is penned by Pow Salud.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/powcastsports

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@PowcastSports/featured


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