Cardona almost a brawl video at Ninoy Aquino Stadium

Talk and Text of the PBA was invited to play at the Smart Gilas Philippines Invitational Basketball tournament and they did well winning the third place by beating the ball club from China.

Talk and Text cruised past the Chinese players to easily get the win with the score of 85 to 73, Talk and Text did very well shooting from the outside which resulted to the win. 

Video inside

Aside from the very entertaining match, Cardona a player from Talk and Text provided some side show. Cardona was fouled hard by Allen the American reinforcement of team China in which he reacted with a quick punch which landed perfectly to the face. I was bare witness to this.

It was an intense moment as players tried to restrain Cardona and Allen in doing more damage. Cardona Settled down but Allen could not be stop as he badly wanted to  get back with Cardona.

After a few moments when everybody thinks that its all over Allen appeared once again and was taunting Cardona and the Talk and Text players to fight, good thing that Smart Gilas import Douthit was there to once again restrain the furious Allen.

I think Cardona should not have punch Allen it was very un sportsman like, He should be penalize or something. Sir Noli Eala you where also there, I saw you walking around the court during the incident, you have to do something about this. We cant always invite foreign players then do this to them, in the near future no one might wanna come to the Philippines and play any tournament or even a tune up game if we continue to treat our visitors like this.

Anyways that is enough here is the video:

Its not the actual punch i was not able to catch it

see more video here

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