Mayweather Speaks Out: Focus On Family, Not Pacquiao

By:Terry Brooks

Floyd 'Money' Mayweather speaks to an Associated Press reporter while at a charity basketball event in Miami a day after a deadline set by Top Rank Promotions Bob Arum, for a fight with Pacquiao on or around Nov. 13.

"I'm not interested in rushing to do anything," Mayweather said.

The exact terms of the deal still remain unknown, as the talks had been under an HBO-imposed gag order. Although speculation has it that it's the same deal that Golden Boy promotions offered up last January, except that Pacquiao was now willing to agree to the 14 day cut off for Olympic-style drug testing.

But when Arum was questioned on the drug testing, he gave no deatails only saying, "I don't want to go into specifics, but I think that issue was resolved. Not as clear cut as you may be saying it, but I believe it was resolved."

The questions still loom over the sport as to why this 'super' fight just hasn't happened yet.

From the speculations that the Mayweather fans have over Pacquiao's refusal to sign a deal offered up by Mayweathers camp last January, calling for the 14 day cut off for Olympic-style drug testing, to the assertions that Mayweather is afraid to face Pacquiao in fear he'll tarnish his undefeated record, articles and blogs went wild Saturday after Mayweather kept silent while the deadline to sign to the terms of the Bob Arum/Pacquiao contract surpassed.

Many blaming Mayweather for not giving the fans the match they've been waiting for, and many blaming Bob Arum for not actually contacting Mayweather Promotions or Golden Boy Promotions, opting instead to deal with Ross Greenburg, the president of HBO Sports, a strategy many within the boxing community says is outside the normal protocol.

When negotiations broke down last January between Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank Promotions , Mayweather made it clear that should any further negotiations take place, that the original terms are no longer valid, seeing that the landscape of the boxing environment has changed.

Pacquiao ended up fighting Joshua Clottey, while Mayweather went on to fight 'Suger' Shane Mosley in a welterweight bout that generated 1.4 million pay-per-view buys, making it the second-most lucrative non-heavyweight fight in history.

Mayweather's victory over Oscar De La Hoya in 2007, in which Mayweather's popularity soared after winning a split decision, being the most lucrative.

Also with his September 2009 victory over Juan Manuel Marquez, which generated 1.06 million in PPV buys, that gives Mayweather four fights ranking among the top-10 nonheavyweight PPV fights of all time. Apparently Mayweather now feels he should be the one making the terms for what could be one of boxings most successful fights ever, or atleast involved in the negotiations.

When asked about the negotiation process, Bob Arum explained, "I never talked to Mayweather. I never talked to anybody in the Mayweather camp. I only talked with Ross Greenburg, who represented to me certain things he had discussed with Al Haymon, on behalf of Mayweather and his camp."

In fact Golden Boy Promotions, nor Mayweather Promotions were ever even a part of the negotiations this time around.

Arum elaborated on this saying, "Richard Schaefer (CEO of Golden Boy Promotions) name was never really mentioned by Ross, it was all Al Haymon."

According to Bob Arum, both sides allegedly agreed to the terms, but for reasons not explained, Mayweather was unwilling to accept the deal. Apparently Arum miscalculated the authority Haymon has to negotiate on behalf of Mayweather, seeing that Mayweather was never on board with the process.

On Sunday, when asked by The Associated Press, Mayweather explained, "I'm not really thinking about fighting right now, I'm just relaxing. I fought about 60 days ago, so I'm just enjoying myself, enjoying life, enjoying my family and enjoying my vacation."

Roger Mayweather, Floyd's uncle and trainer, was charged with assault stemming from an altercation with female boxer Melissa St. Vil last year, he will go on trial next month in Las Vegas facing up to ten years in prison if convicted. Roger Mayweather has trained Floyd since he turned pro back in 1996, with the exception of the Vargas bout. Gaining national attention after Zab Judah clearly landed a left-hand below the belt of Floyd, and entering the ring in an attempt to choke out Judah, Roger Mayweather has been an integral part of not only Floyd's training, but also in his life and relationship with his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr..

"Like I said, I'm just supporting my family and relaxing," Mayweather said. "That's what I'm doing right now."

Arum discused the matter of Roger Saturday saying, "I am sure that there is a very good reason for Floyd Mayweather not committing to a fight at this time, I really, truly believe that. Now I am speculating, but one of the reasons could be the uncertainly regarding Roger Mayweather. Roger is scheduled before a court in Nevada regarding criminal charges. I know how Manny would feel if he had to go into a fight like this without the services of Freddie Roach."

Arum went on to say, "People should be understanding. Floyd Mayweather is not saying he will never fight Manny Pacquiao and Manny Pacquiao is not saying he's not going to fight. There's always next year."

With half the fans siding with Manny Pacquiao accusing Mayweather of being afraid to face what could be his biggest advisory to date, in an attempt to hold on to his undefeated record. With the other half standing on behalf of Mayweather accusing Pacquiao of using performance enhancing drugs of some kind, which he has never tested positive for, and for not coming to terms with Mayweather last January. These two great fighters are at an impasse that may leave the fate of boxing's most intriguing matchup on hold, until either Mayweather's family and personal life is back to normal, this includes the fate of Roger Mayweather, or until Bob Arum and the Pacquiao camp can come to a firm and reasonable agreement with Golden Boy Promotions and/or Mayweather Promotions and his actual camp insated of using HBO as a go between in order to create this fiight.

As fans we can only hope that 2011 will bring a new tax year, and a real negotiating process that will bring both camps together in an effort to give the boxing world a PPV spectacle which could breathe new life into the sport, and give us fans an opportunity to witness one of boxing's greatest match-ups in the history of the sport.

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  1. For a mouth watering style of mayweathers.. it is hard to believe that ther'e are still fingers pointing to pacquiao side why the match has not come to an agreement. The pacquiao side was clear, Manny said I want to fight pacquiao..

    Mayweather sides, have not come to that commitment except to the claim that they will knockout pacquaio on the ring.

    Mayweather is just a plane ego maniac


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