Who is Erik Spoelstra of the Miami Heat?

(powsalud) Erik Spoelstra is the First Filipino- American Head coach of any North American professional sports team. That's nice right?

Although boxing is the sport that is currently making noise in the Philippines, not all Filipinos are able to try it because of its violent nature. And so that makes basketball very welcoming and  with basketball courts almost everywhere it is still the number one sport that everybody loves to play and watch in the Philippines.

That is why it is very exciting and encouraging to know that a Filipino, well at least a half-Filipino have made it to the big  league. Even with Filipinos size disadvantage you see players and fans crazily rave over the sport. That is why when the Miami Heat reached the finals it is inevitable for Pinoy fans to write about Erik's life. Although we must admit that even without him and with Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh the Miami Heat is already a fan favorite and a force to reckon with.

Erik's dad is from the United States while her mom is from Laguna, Philippines. He spent most of his life in the United States which means there is probably no rags to riches story here. Well that might be right but it does not mean that his story is not something to hear about. In fact I think Erik is an epitome of hard work, perseverance and above all,  faith.

Spoelstra played at the University of Portland where he was the starting point guard for four years. You heard that right and you probably wont believe me if I tell you that he is a member of Portland's 1,000-point club. So he is a very good baller himself. 

Erik Spoelstra started as a video coordinator for the Heat back in 1995 and slowly accelerated his career to assistant coach were he was cited by Sports Illustrated for helping star guard Dwyane Wade with his shooting. 

Erik Spoelstra was an assistant coach with the Miami Heat back 2006 when they defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA Finals. Two years after (2008) Erik Spoelstra was name Head coach of the Miami Heat. 

Even as a head coach Erik have to battle with defeats and criticism with the fans but through it all, Pat Riley and the Heat management has remained confident that the young coach will be able to pull it off, and they were right.

Fast forward to present time, Erik Spoelstra and the Miami Heat is now in the finals and with a familiar enemy. Who knows the ending of this one, what we all know is that with hard work, perseverance and faith everything is possible.

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