F <img alt="Video Inside" border="0" src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-g8WM7puGQnM/TkhKf90DiMI/AAAAAAAAAuU/4t6kKBK34eE/s1600/video2.gif"/>Great NBA 2K12 intro video! - Powcast Sports

Video InsideGreat NBA 2K12 intro video!

What a great intro, good job to 2Ksports for a great Idea. Its a battle of now and before, the basketball greats of the past and the current stars in basketball collide in one ultimate NBA Basketball simulation game. Now all the Basketball fanatics off all ages can play the game and choose the players or the team they really want? Imagine playing with your kid with the 80's LA Lakers team against the current LA Lakers line up. Watch the NBA 2K12 intro. 

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