Guess where Carmelo Anthony would go this NBA season?

Carmelo Anthony is a perennial scorer in the NBA, he is truly still one of the best in the game, however  he has not found the right home that will give him the chance for a title run. Today we heard the news that he is opting out of New York, and I am sure that the Knicks fans did not like it but the rest of the NBA world are already excited on the idea of having Carmelo Anthony on their team. 

Where should Carmelo Anthony go?

Los Angeles is not a bad place to live in but with the aging Kobe Bryant and the potential departure of Pau Gasol, I am not sure if they will be in title contention this year.

Yeah right as if this is going to happen, if this happen, he would definitely still have the same fans. 

Playing with Kevin Durant? I am not sure if it will be a good idea, not to mention Russell Westbrook also like to hug the ball.

Denver Nuggets, a coming home party? maybe or maybe not.

Houston got some talented players and with the addition of Melo, damn the Rockets is ready for lift off, The question is, how are they going to pay Melo? 

You can only hope that he would stay, I don't think he will

Bulls are a string contender, good coach and line up.

Playing with batch mates, LeBron, Wade, Bosh.. hmp? something fishy .. this could happen.

Mark Cuban interested in Melo, I wont be surprise if they pull it off?

So where do you think Carmelo Anthony would end up?

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