Lost for Words short movie featuring Jeremy Lin is inspiring

Lost for Words short movie featuring Jeremy Lin,

We think that Jeremy Lin is a real nice guy on and off the court but I can't really validate that until I meet him personally. Anyway we want to commend Jeremy Lin for doing this video and helping people around the world be aware of some situations of youth refugee's in the states. Like Jeremy Lin we care a lot about the youth and respect for other people.

Lost for Words was produced to support the Jeremy Lin Foundation (@jlinfoundation) and PAIR Houston (@pairhouston), an organization that works with refugee youth and the winner of last year’s Making A Difference campaign. Go to http://www.jeremylinfoundation.org to join the Acts of Love Campagin. Together we can show acts of love and service to those around us. Written, Produced and Directed by Jubilee Project.

Behind the scenes

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