Former Ginebra Coach Jeff Cariaso hot-seat on twitter!

Some Ginebra fans asked former Ginebra coach Jeff Cariaso on twitter about his thoughts on the Ginebra team and to the newly appointed Ginebra coach Tim Cone. 

Marvin Reyes: How do you feel about the transfer of coach Tim Cone to BGK?
Jeff Cariaso: Excited for his new challenge.  

P I A: Does Tim Cone fits in Ginebra? 
Jeff Cariaso: TC fits anywhere, with the right players.

P I A: Anong nangyaring pagbabago nung nag coach po ikaw sa Ginebra? 
Jeff Cariaso: Japeth and Greg became the focal points. 

Angel Velasco: Who was your go to guy at the wing when running the triangle: Ellis or Mac? Why?  
Jeff Cariaso: No go to guy but LA, Japeth and Greg became the ones who saw more success in it because they bought into it. 

D-day: Do you think Greg and Japhet will unleash their full potential under coach Tim ? 
Jeff Cariaso: Coach Tim will definitely make them better all around players.  

Adam Jerome Hipolito: Now that Ginebra is under coach Tim Cone do you think they need to change some players in their roster now?
Jeff Cariaso: My opinion. YES...!  

MARSSS: What can you say po sa paglipat ni coach Tim Cone sa Ginebra?
Jeff Cariaso: Ginebra is very lucky.  

Myles Juls Rubio: Is Ramon Ang desperate on Ginebra that's why he transferred Tim Cone?
Jeff Cariaso: And smart...!  

Cariaso has been a product of the triangle offense as a player under Tim Cone in Alaska during the 1990s, and was also an assistant coach for coach Cone in the San Mig Super Coffee team before he tapped as the coach of Ginebra for two conferences. The 'triangle offense' did not fit to run-and-gun Ginebra style during coach Cariaso. 

Can the Ginebra team embrace the 'triangle offense'? We will find out!!