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Airforce Ellis on a Mission

The Barangay Ginebra mainstay and high flyer Chris Ellis have been receiving alot of negative feedbacks about his low scoring average in the past 6 games of the squad but yet to be recognized for his role playing ability. Most Ginebra fans base their judgement on the points converted and the dunks made but these guys like Joe Devance, Dave Marcelo, Chris Ellis and the three Rookies Villamor, Thompson and Mariano are the reasons why Ginebra main men are able to convert their shots or even complete a successful play under the triangle system.

Chris Ellis is not playing bad as per basketball analysts, he isn't even struggling. The role that he plays for his team is a huge chunk why they get better and better as he guards the opponent's scorers and big guys and make it hard for them to execute their offense. Only basketball experts can say that basketball is not about you scoring doubles, but you making the most out of the responsibility given to you by your coach.




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