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Seemingly Predictable SMB falls to Rain or Shine, How did that Happen? 2-1 Semi Finals

Kracken JunMar Fajardo

40 points and 20 rebounds, The Kraken JunMar Fajardo does it again. He has been putting up monster games all season long.  But how did they lose last night? The field goal percentage of both teams are the same, and while SMB grabbed 13 rebounds more, they gave away a lot more fouls resulting to a total of 30 free throws scored, including critical free throws by Chris Tiu. 

For some,  you would say that Yeng Guiao is doing a dreadful job coaching. How is it that they still have not found a solution to subdue Fajardo's performance? This guy has been torching them inside the paint and it's obvious that SMB relies too much on this guy for scoring all season long.

Here is what I think,  ROS doesn't need to stop Fajardo. He is one player and for all I know, this may be a part of Guiao's strategy. He mentioned during an interview that Fajardo will be there each and every game and put up great numbers, and said this with a straight face as if he is not worried. 

Maybe  and just maybe, Yeng Guiao's plan was to lure SMB to over rely on their big guy like what has been happening.  This made the SMB overly predictable on offense.  ROS does not have to beat Fajardo, they have to beat SMB and this is exactly what they did.

Side note: Arwind Santos had a horrendous shooting night 5/17 FG, including 7 attempts at the 3 point basket with no success. 

Prediction next game: If other players aside from Fajardo don't contribute in scoring, they will once again suffer a loss to ROS, that could potentially spell the end of their season.

ROS vs SMB Game 2 Box Score



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