Two-time United Football League (UFL) Champion GLOBAL FC sent a powerful message to its opponent Ceres FC last Thursday night at Rizal Memorial Stadium, that they are out for glory. Defending Champion Ceres FC was undefeated until their GLOBAL FC match.

GLOBAL FC won 2-1 against Ceres in a match where everyone was on the edge of their seats.  GLOBAL FC players Milan Nikolic and Matthew Hartmann scored 1 goal each. 

Coach Leigh Manson predicted it right when he said after the Loyola win that, “In a game wherein Azkals play against other Azkals, nobody wants to lose that game.”

Azkals players from GLOBAL FC Misagh Bahadoran, Daisuke Sato, Dennis Villanueva, Amani Aguinaldo and Patrick Deyto went against Ceres’ Stephan Schrock, Martin Steuble, Patrick Reichelt, Manny Ott and Kevin Ingreso.

“We are continuing to have a formula and a plan that works for the team.  The players know their jobs when they go out, they also know what we expect from them.  You know with these last 2 games it wasn’t just about the technical abilities, it is about heart”, Coach Leigh Manson says. 

Manson continues, “Our chances are good as anybody now.  There’s nobody that we fear, respect yes, fear no.”

GLOBAL FC will be preparing for UFL’s knock-out stage this April.