MMA Promotions to stop using round girls during fight night! Why?

MMA Promotions to ban round girls during fight night!

April 1- MMA Promotion such as WSOF, UFC, Bellator and even local MMA Promotions in the Philippines are planning to discontinue use of round girls from entering the cage during fight night. According to study, many fighters had complaints about round girls distracting them during the intermission of the rounds, as a result they are unable to listen to coaches instructions which lead to a defeat.

Sports fans had the same concern as many of the spectators continue to ask what round it is, even after the moment the round girl just exited the cage. It is a total waste of time and money.

Here is one of the comments from a fan in a recent MMA event that we attended.

" I was so upset at these round girls. I purchased cage side ticket to ensure I see the fight up close and personal but when I got inside the arena, they seated me next to the round girls. They are so freaking beautiful and sexy that I had no choice but to chat with them. In short my night was ruined and I wasn't able to fully concentrate on the fight. It is such a bad experience. I perfectly understand why fighters want to get rid of these girls. I am so disappointed" - An Avid MMA Fan

Many  agreed that it is time for a change. It's time that we get rid of these unnecessary distractions.

Starting April 1, 2016, You will no longer see Round girls in all of MMA Fights.

Yeah right! April Fools!