URCC 27 Chris Hoffman: Exclusive Interview " I think my fight with Caloy will end in a KO"

Check out the photo of Chris Hoffman. He was a lot slimmer than the last time we saw him. He looks ready and conditioned to go head to head with Caloy Baduria.

We sent Chris a few questions, some about MMA and some about current events. Check out his answers.

1. What is your current MMA record?


2. What are your biggest assets/ skills?

Kick boxing, adaptability, lots of heart

3. What are your weaknesses, if there's any?

 I believe overall I’m very balanced in my skills, but if I would have to pick one, I believe it’s my BJJ

4. Why do you fight? What is your motivation?

 After I was not able to play basketball anymore, I needed a sport to keep me busy, I was always a guy who needed to be busy otherwise I would simply slack off. I’m very competitive. Some see it as a negative feature of mine, but I personally see it as a positive one. I keep myself always motivated like that, because I always want to be the best in what I’m doing and simply never want to lose.

5. Do you dedicate your upcoming fight to anyone?

As always to my wife and kids, for sacrificing the time I need to train and prepare properly and all my team mates and coaches for investing the time to train and teach me. 

6. What is your ultimate goal in the URCC?

Get the belt, defend it as much as possible and keep it. After a few defenses and cleaning up the division maybe attacking a new division.

7. What is your ultimate goal as a fighter?

To be the best fighter I can possibly be, and represent my team internationally.

8. What is your favorite MMA move?

Leg kicks.

9. Do you think you will _____ your opponent? knockout, submit, decision win.

I think this fight will end with a KO.

10. What are your opponent's biggest strengths?

His boxing, specifically hooks, and off course his durability/chin.

11. What would be the first thing you would do after the fight?

Kiss and hug my wife and kids.

12. What is your message to your opponent?

Train hard and prepare well because I’m doing it already.

Part 2:

1. Who are you favorite MMA fighters?

There are a lot of fighter I like. My two absolute favorites are GSP and Chuck Liddell. But I would never miss an event, when the following fighter are fighting: Jose Aldo, Anthony Johnson, Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Ronda Rousey, Michelle Waterson and last but not least, Cain Velasquez

2. Do you have any other sports that you follow?

Basketball, Football (sadly called Soccer here), Moto GP, Tennis, BJJ and Ice Hockey (only the Swiss NLA).

3. Who are your other sports teams or idols?

Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers, FC Zurich, Roger Federer, Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo.

4. Choose between Superman vs Batman?

Batman. Superman is just too over powered in my opinion (no offense meant DC fans, promise).

5. Your favorite superhero?

Wolverine (more the cartoon version, although I’m cool with how Hugh Jack acts the role) and Spiderman (not the Amazing Spiderman version) and Batman.

6. Which actor would you like to portray you in a movie?

Mark Wahlberg (I know we ain’t look alike at all).

7. Who will be your leading lady?

Kelly Hu 

8. If you did not become a fighter, what would you think you will be doing right now?

Considering that I had to stop playing Basketball here in the Philippines, most likely I would have go back to Switzerland and play Basketball there again and try to make it to the Euro League.

9. Your message to your fans?

Thanks a lot for the all the support you’re giving not only me, but also to Filipino MMA.

Hard/ Optional Questions:

1. Who will you vote as President and why?

I unfortunately did not register to vote, but I really hope that Rodrigo Duterte will be elected. I just believe, our country needs a strong, transparent and strict leader like him to improve.

2. Do you think there are gay MMA fighters?

I’m pretty sure there are.

3. Will you approve of Gay MMA fighters?

Yes off course, why wouldn’t I?

4. What do you think will ruin the MMA as a sport?

Ignorant and na├»ve politicians/celebrities that don’t see MMA as an equal sport like other combat sports like boxing, Kick Boxing etc. and any person who training/teaching any combat sport but is abusing his/her knowledge to bully people around or acting like a street thug.

5. Do you approve of Marijuana?

I have no problem, when people are using it. It’s a plant that people smoke, like Tabaco.

6. What do you think of using performance enhancing drugs in MMA?

I don’t like the fact, that professional athletes are using it in any sports. It’s simply not fair, to gain an advantage over your opponent like that and it shows very poor sportsmanship. I dislike it even more in MMA/combat sports, since you are fighting someone and might injure that person in a way, which might not happen without the PED in use.