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Golden State Warriors, confident they will get another ring.

Photo Credits to GSW FB Page.

The Golden State Warriors proved their tag line "Strength in Numbers" as they get the first win in the best of seven NBA Finals series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The splash brothers, Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry struggled in getting points for the squad but with the help of their second stringers they were able to nail the first victory in the best of seven series, Shaun Livingston scored a career high of 20 points with 4 boards and 3 assists while Green, Bogut , Barbosa and Barnes provided a combined production of 34 points.

On the other hand the Cleveland Cavaliers struggled in most of parts of each quarter mainly in their defense, The Golden State Warriors showcased their great and impressive offensive movement that lead their opponent team to be confused on their rotation which GSW made them pay. Kyrie Irving, did a tremendous job in trying to keep the Cavs alive listing a 26 points performance together with Lebron James with 23 points but still had a hard time getting the lead back due to lack of bench scoring on their end. Steph Curry said that the Warriors will not be in the Championship without the help of everyone in the team.

There was a moment when Curry made a three point shot and turned around and threw his mouth piece and when asked why he did that he replied, " Im just frustrated that I'm missing open shots", he was also greatful about how his team mates stepped up,
"Regardless how the shooting was for me and Klay, we need to get a boost, our bench came out there and played the game, played aggressive, and tonight they really changed the game and allowed us to win." Curry said in the post game interview with the NBA media .

Shaun Livingston is also one of the impact players and though he's greatful of what he achieved or done he's still humble and still saying he's playing for the team, "It's all about a feel, just being aggressive when we're out there we try to make ourselves available for Steph or Klay tryin to relieve some pressure off them." Livingston said.

The game 2 of the 2016 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland will be on Monday still in the Oracle Arena as the Cavs try to tie the series and the Warriors to try to continue the domination of the 2016 Finals Series.



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