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John Dodson A fighter With Heart.

John Dodson and a Fan in Manila

John Dodson. A fighter With Heart.
Photo and write up by: Emil Rebano

The famous quote "small but terrible" is not often true as proven by this half blood Filipino fighter from the UFC who had won 9 fights via technical knockout. Most fighters have displayed a bad as attitude in their interviews, but this five feet, three inch tall bantam weight fighter has shown nothing but a pleasant attitude by engaging the press with a smile and a good sense of humor.
What striked me most about John is how he talks about his mom and how he loves her. The inspiration that he has is fuelled by a mother who has provided everything for him when he was growing up.
He is more American as he said during an interview, but one of the reasons why he is here in the Philippines is to trace his Filipino roots. When asked what he thinks is a Filipino trait in him, he immediately responded by saying is his ability to fight with heart. He then goes on to say that he loves pancit and lumpia which are his favorite Filipino dishes.
A nice guy? Most definitely!
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John Dodson in Manila

John Dodson in Manila



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